A network is “a group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes.”

What do Networks do?

Networks create social capital for individuals, institutions, and communities
Network forms of organization are an alternative to markets and hierarchies
Networks are a locus of innovation

Building 21’s National Network

We seek to build a national network of learning sites, community and industry partners, school districts, adult and young learners, and post-secondary institutions committed to creating a new secondary school model that empowers learners to discover their purpose, connect with their passions and build agency to impact their world.  This National Network will partner with school districts and entrepreneurial education leaders to design, develop and implement innovative educational models that are consistent with our instructional approach and core values.  These new models will be adapted to fit the local contexts of the communities in which they operate.  Building 21 will coordinate this National Network to provide:

  • School Design and Launch Support
  • District Support
  • Competency-Based Instructional Model
  • Curated Online Content and Assessments
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Information Technology Support
  • Local Community and Industry Partnership Development
  • Fundraising Strategy and Support
  • National Industry Partnerships
  • National Post-Secondary Partnerships
  • Industry Certifications

Building 21’s Local Network

We seek to develop extensive regional networks of schools and learning sites.  Our goal is to provide students with a wealth of local learning opportunities beyond the traditional school setting including: internships; activities such as music, art, recreation and culture; dual enrollment opportunities; and career-connected certifications.  This Local Network will consist of:

  • Building 21 Schools and Learning Sites
  • Local Industry and Community Partners
  • Tailored Online Content and Assessments
  • Professional Development Resources, Events and Activities
  • Early College/Dual-Enrollment Programs
  • Local Industry Certifications

Our Schools


Building 21 Ferguson is a non-selective competency-based public high school in the School District of Philadelphia. It is located in North Philadelphia just outside of Temple University’s main campus. For more information please visit the school’s website.


Building 21 has partnered with Allentown School District in eastern Pennsylvania to open a new competency-based public high school in Allentown. The school is set to open in the fall of 2015. For more information please visit the school’s website..